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13th Floor Coffee is brought to you from the people behind End of the Road Festival


Without a festival to plan in 2020, and not much else to do, we reflected on what we liked, what we’re good at and what to do next. We all love Coffee at End of the Road and with prior experience within the Coffee world, the answer was glaring at us like a yellow-topped horsebox in a churchyard. 


Cue the next 9 months; enthusiastically researching, sourcing and learning as much as possible about beans and the perfect brew. We went around various different roasteries trying and sampling all kinds of coffee, and to our surprise it was in the Tate’s roastery housed in an old nissen hut behind Tate Britain, that our taste buds exulted with a sip. Here was the perfect coffee in taste, smell, strength, colour and comfort, and it is now our pleasure to be serving it to you. 


It’s an even greater pleasure to know that our blend also supports a network of female-led farms as part of the Tate’s Gender Equality Project, and anything that does good, and tastes great is fine by us.


This is just the beginning of something we’re all very excited about. Starting with a mobile specialty coffee bar which will serve predominantly espresso-based drinks and the best pastries & cakes around. It is situated in the grounds of St. Mary’s Church in London’s Stoke Newington, overlooking Clissold Park. 


It’s a place to share our love of music and socialise, all while enjoying the very best coffee in town. 

2nd site coming soon!



13th Floor Coffee

St. Mary's Church

Stoke Newington Church Street

London N16 9ES


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